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Sunday Zoom Service is at 6:30 PM CST

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Exploring Foundational Buddhist Teachings

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When We Re-open Down the Road

Pema Karpo Meditation Center is inspired and guided by the teachings of Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism. The center welcomes local and regional practitioners who come for meditation, dharma teachings, classes and celebrations.

We do not have a prerequisite for new people prior to attending. You do not need to be, or become, Buddhist to attend. Sessions are free and everyone is welcome.

Cushions, chairs and chant books are available at the center or you may bring your own meditation cushion.

Leave your shoes on the shoe racks and come into the meditation room. We have a bowl of maroon slap bracelets on the shoe rack that are used to signify a wish to practice without talking (noble silence) during your time at Pema Karpo. Please put it back in the bowl as you leave.

Khenpo Gawang Rinpoche often says that a dharma center is a place for everyone to come, relax and be present together. 
It is a place to be happy.

Located at 3921 Frayser Raleigh Rd., Memphis, TN 38128 

We are between the Viet-American Buddhist Association's  Pho Da Temple, the red roofed Vietnamese Buddhist Temple complex with the red brick and iron fencing, and the Breath of Life Church.  Look for a wooden fence and turn in the driveway. 

Park in the lot. We are the small yellow building. Enter the middle door with the concrete accessibility ramp. 

If your GPS doesn't recognized the address try 3921 Raleigh Frayser Rd. or 3921 Hawkins Mill Rd. 
It is a continuation of Yale Rd. going North.