We Are Closed Due to Covid. Use our email to contact us.
To sign up for classes, request to added to our private email list, or contact Pema Karpo Meditation Center please email this address:

We are closed since our meditation space is small and we don't wish to cause harm.

All classes and meetings are online using zoom. See front page of site for more information.
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3921 Frayser Raleigh Rd., Memphis, TN 38128

We are located between the red roofed Vietnamese Buddhist Temple complex with the red brick and iron fencing and the Breath of Life Church.

Look for a wooden fence and turn in the driveway. Park in the lot, walk up to the small yellow building and come in the middle door with the concrete accessibility ramp.

If your GPS doesn't recognized the address try 3921 Raleigh Frayser Rd. or 3921 Hawkins Mill Rd. It is a continuation of Yale Rd. going North.